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Just like everybody, we also have a story!

To tell the truth, we have been dealing with the production, renovation and full manufacture of the components of iron and rubber wheel vehicles since 1981. But – just like everyone else – we have a much more exciting story from which you may get to know us beyond these facts.


The name ‘Tátra’ may say something to everybody. The tram, by which everybody would travel. The tram which was assembled and repaired by our company, also, we manufactured and standardized it not to mention the domestication of the electrical parts back in 1981. The characteristic sound of Tátra could have only been adored as it rattled and jolted. Presumably, thanks to Tátra, our company was able to expand in the 1980s and BKV commissioned us to do many tasks.

Underground, suburban train and cog-wheel train

From the ’80s, more and more work was given by BKV and MÁV. This was the reason of expanding continuously and became more experienced as well as competent at dealing with the underground (we knew all errors of the old Russian metros), suburban trains and even buses. As the years passed, more and more components were produced, (contractors, copper contacts, arc vaccinator keratins, inverters, even engines were renewed) naturalized, and ransomed onto Hungarian components (e.g. mirror driver of Combino) which were made in the country with domestic workforce and domestic stocks.

Contactors,Electric Bus,Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus,Driverless Bus

We are always developing our company. We have launched new tenders to prove that even a small local business can implement a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 and then ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and work, implement and comply with it accordingly. to the Hungarian Standard. Today, we are one of the leading companies in Hungary that repairs iron and wheeled vehicles and manufactures components. The first hydrogen fuel cell bus in Hungary is based on our property and plans.

At the beginning of June 2020, we compiled the plans and components of our 12-meter-long 35-person hydrogen bus. By September 2020, a prototype of our 6.8-meter-long, driverless bus will be completed, with pedestrian, traffic, stop detection and a top speed of 68 km / h, even with manual driving.

From November 2020, we can deliver our Hungarian GOLDiON E9 8.5 meter electric bus, assembled in Hungary. Today, we can say that with the world’s largest and leading companies, we have exclusivity in the hydrogen sector, be it a hydrogen fuel cell, or a hydrogen electrolyser, a refueling station, or even a hydrogen drone, a hydrogen fuel cell bus.

Of course, it’s good to remember when I first came to this site 46 years ago. The world and our site have changed a lot since then. All of this couldn’t have happened without our staff.

Ferenc Kovács – (Owner-CEO, Vice President of the First International Hydrogen Aviation Society)