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You would be able to get acquainted our colleagues if you came to us, and took a walk among the more hundred square meter halls and could see them during work. Then you would see how our proposal writers, secretaries and electric mechanics work. We may try to write it down but you have to see it.

The Office

Imagine that in the office our professional proposal writers are writing more and more successful tenders for the sake of everybody’s satisfaction to do newer and newer projects. Imagine that there is such a handmade scale-modell tram on the table of the manager and onto its windows the colleagues’ portrait is painted.
And now, imagine that it is 1985; a young person comes through the company’s gate. And the same person (with many of his mates) now, 20-25 or even a few years later comes to his workplace every single day.

Forty-five people

We are forty people – electric mechanics, locksmiths, weak current electrical engineers, power current electrical engineers, corrosion prevention academic specialization engineers, tram production engineers, mechanical engineers, traffic engineers, CNC technicians. We have been working with them for more than a decade. This is why we are one of the best and most experienced teams.

This is where we work

Imagine that at the site, beside the Danube, you work in the shade of tall trees in the fresh air and environment while birds twittering. Our area is 3600 square feet. This is the landscape where our soundproof hall was built.
If the technical data count, then we currently have one 350 square meter office block, two European level 310 square meter assembly hall, a 200 square meter assembly hall, a cutting workshop (81 square meter), and one 80 square meter gauge and diagnostic premise, one 30 square meter lab that is equipped with instruments as well as four pieces 180 square meter depository locality besides freight vehicles.
We have all circumstances for the perfect work.

How we work

Imagine such colleagues who continuously constitute themselves to solve their task faster and more efficiently. Imagine that the colleagues live their task as challenges so they work with enthusiasm while it is known, that they are responsible for what they are doing and a guarantee is undertaken.

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The order

CheckingRepairWhen ordering a work, we contact you the soonest. If any question arises, we make contact promptly in order to be able to give an accurate price to you.


If you would like, you can either bring the component or vehicle to our depot, or if you choose, we pick it up and transport it to us where we do the correction professionally within the deadline agreed (if the procession of the correction differs from the one talked over in that case we inform you about it)


When repair is done, we check our own work (this testing is done by and expert)

Passing, redelivery, warranty

It is obvious that we warranty is given on the work done and if you wish, the product is delivered back to the place where and when you wish.


Ferenc Kovács


Anett Kovács


       Dr.Naveed Akhtar

(Ph.D. PE,,CEng, MIET, AMIChemE)

Lajos Fésű
Division Manager
Ferenc Kovacs Jr.

Division manager

Balázs Répás
Division manager
Nagy Anita
Office manager
Tamás Balogh


Ferenc Kovacs Jr.

Sales Manager

Péter Kovács
Team leader